With the import regulation to fumigate on non-plywood wooden packaging with effective from 01 July 2010, we offer alternative pallet solutions for your shipments.

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We have a ready production line and materials to accept any custom made sizes and quantities. Although the cost of a plywood pallet is slightly higher than a normal wooden pallet but it is still much cheaper than the cost of doing a fumigation process. The standard size of a pallet is 112cm x 105cm with a weight capacity up to 1000 kgs subject to the material used but tailored-made pallets can better suits your shipments requirements as air space can be reduced to reduce freight charges.

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Paper pallets are also called the eco pallets. They are made from honeycomb corrugated paper. They are cheaper, dust-free, easy to customize and clean, have no nails or splinters, are recyclable and easy to dispose of. Thus they are another wonderful option for storing items. They have a low profile design and lighter than wooden pallets, 100% fumigation free so you will pay lower freight cost hence it is also another popular choice for air, sea and land shipment use. However paper pallets are less durable as they could not hold heavier weight and is susceptible to water or moisture damage.

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Generally, plastic pallets have a lifespan of more than 10 years and they are more costly than wooden pallets. Plastic pallets are weather resistant as they do not rot or corrode. They are exempt from ISPM-15 Regulations and various inspections at international ports of entry. Plastic Pallets are also durable, easy to clean, odor resistant, lightweight, fire retardant and 100% recyclable. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor climates. Additionally, they are great for storing biodegradable items and chemicals. Email us your enquiries today!

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Should you required more information on our pallet services, email us your enquiries today or talk to our friendly specialist, they will be glad to help to advise you which general material will best suits your storage or transportation needs.