Cargo Tracking

Consignees can now check and monitor their shipment via our website at under Cargo Tracking by keying our HBL number. Information can be retrieved instantly so that consignees can expect delivery of their shipments.

Once B/L are issued at POL, all shipment information are electronic transmitted to POD instantly. Shippers / consignees are able to retrieve their shipment information and copy of non-negotiable bill of lading can be printed out at our agent office, so that consignees will be able to get their payment and import documentation ready for delivery.

With effect from 7th Jan 2014, a new regulation will be implemented by the Sri Lankan Government for all shipments to Colombo / Sri Lanka. According to new law Carriers/Forwarders cannot charges Colombo THC, Washing, BAF,CAF,ISPS, Status Change, Liner Chargers, Service Charge,Transport, Over Weight, Over Height, Over Gaged, Long Length, DG Surcharge, POL CFS Handling, or by any other description apart from Freight & Delivery Order Fees. All charges has to be consolidated and charged as only “Freight” in case of FOB or CIF at POL or POD + a Delivery order fee up on finalization by the associations for CIF/FOB Shipments.